Throughout her 32-year career centered on business evolution and development, Michele Margetts has earned a stellar reputation for being an innovative, results-focused, strategic leader and collaborator.

An entrepreneur since she was 14, Michele has enjoyed a vast career in business, both in the boardroom and the classroom. Serving the unique and varying needs of organizations of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and startups to mid-sized entities and corporations, Michele has helped countless companies simplify their processes, develop efficient protocols, and accelerate their overall trajectory for growth.

As a published author and industry-recognized leader, Michele has transformed the way businesses implement new technologies, build standardized protocols, improve training procedures, and develop fundamental company practices. By utilizing a strategic and metric-driven approach, Michele has helped coach, train, manage, and develop personnel by identifying their key strengths and weaknesses to achieve optimal performance.

Her coaching and mentorship work has helped transform businesses, improve overall employee retention, amplify customer satisfaction, develop pricing structures and processes based on well-constructed budgets, and maximize profits.

Whether working within niche markets or larger corporations with brand recognition, Michele Margetts has remained one of the brightest talents in business development and process evolution. In her career as a business educator, Michele has transformed her decades of experience into tangible, teachable moments that provide possibility and opportunity for all those who work with her.

As a full-time social media strategist, sales expert, and marketing guru, she prides herself on providing her clients with the tools, knowledge, and strategies they need to make their profits soar. In her spare time when she’s not transforming businesses, she can be found giving back to her community, volunteering at local charitable organizations, or soaking up some fun in the sun with her three incredible children.


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